Public Buildings

Centre Market (Old) Essex County Court House (Old) Hall of Records Post Office (New)
Centre Market (New) Essex County Court House (New) Museum Public Library
Chamber of Commerce Essex County Jail (Old) Library Hall
Newark Library Association
Skating Rink
City Hall (Old) Essex County Jail (New) Pennsylvania Station (Old) Veteran's Administration
City Hall (New) Exposition Building Pennsylvania Station (New)  
Custom House Federal Building (Old) Post Office (Old)  

Bath Houses & Pools

Boylan Street Pool images Montgomery Street Rotunda/Clifton Pool  
East Side (Wilson Avenue) Morris Avenue Summer Avenue  
Hayes Park East Pool Passaic River Walnut Street  

Public Library Branches

Business Hyatt Court Springfield Weequahic
Central North End Vailsburg No. 1
Clinton Roseville Van Buren Street  


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